PICT Experiential Workshop

PICT Experiential Workshop - Discovering & Changing Limiting Beliefs

This one day workshop is formatted as information, demonstration and practise where qualified counsellors have the opportunity to learn a specialist therapeutic technique (selected from a total of 20 techniques) offered in the PICT Trauma & Abuse Specialist Skills Training course.

Being able to identify and remove limiting beliefs is of prime importance to anyone wishing to facilitate change. To change limiting thought patterns, uncomfortable feelings, unwanted behaviours, take responsibility for one’s health, reduce stress responses, etc. will require belief work, because what we believe creates the reality we experience. This intensive workshop covers detailed information about discovering beliefs and how to use the PICT tool, Mistaken Belief Visualisation (MBV), to rapidly change them. The MBV changes negative beliefs almost magically. It works rapidly and thoroughly and is a pleasant experience for the client. It is like giving a spoonful of powerful medicine that actually tastes good too. This tool is what you want to make profound changes look easy.

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