Influence with Integrity

Influence with Integrity – Win/Win Negotiation

Do you (or your clients) feel like you have to talk yourself blue in the face or twist arms just to get a little co-operation? Companies or relationships can sometimes ‘sink or swim’ depending on how successful their negotiation and co-operation skills are.

This one day Masterclass gives your business, your clients and yourself the benefits of acquiring win/win fundamentals and practical strategies to negotiate effectively and inspire co-operation - avoiding team or relationship break down. Customers, colleagues or clients respond positively to someone who genuinely wants a ‘win/win’ solution and it feels good to get what you want without having to take away from someone else.

The day will consist of presentation, demonstration and interactive experiential practice of the strategies. Delegates have reported that use of the ‘Influence with Integrity’ strategies also made a vast improvement in relationships with family, friends and especially with their children.

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