Inner Child – The Key to Strong Rapport

Inner Child – The Key to Strong Rapport

Do you wonder why trauma and abuse clients can sometimes be very challenging? Rapport is vital to any exchange – sales, education, business meetings, coaching, etc – but it is particularly crucial in a therapeutic exchange. That crucial element multiplies when working with trauma and abuse issues.

Often these clients can be closed, guarded, non-committal and uncommunicative - difficult to establish rapport with. Strong rapport is required to reduce resistance and barriers. As rapport deepens clients are more likely to believe and trust the therapist. The deepest rapport frees clients to unlock and discuss issues of shame, blame and guilt, plus they are enabled to take on board guidance and direction.

Participants will learn that trauma and abuse issues require more than ‘active listening’ skills. The essential components discussed in this Masterclass are having knowledge and understanding of the client experience, and the ability to effectively reflect that knowledge and understanding to the client. A common and time consuming mistake made by therapists without specialist skills training, is to sit and patiently wait until the client broaches their own ‘tender’ subjects - without strong rapport this is unlikely to happen. Participants learn a much easier, productive, rapid and gentle way of tackling ‘tender’ subjects.

The order of the day is instruction, demonstration and then delegates will have the opportunity to interactively experience two rapport building approaches. These approaches are compatible with most modern therapeutic models: Lifespan Integration, CBT, Brief Solution Focused Therapy, EMDR, etc.

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