PICT Trauma and Abuse - Specialist Skills - Masterclass

Create Lasting Change Using the Power of the Inner Child

Looking for a way to take your clients to full resolution?

This Masterclass explains the basic design of Parks Inner Child Therapy (PICT) – a structured, systematic approach encompassing imagery rescripting, cortical re-mapping and rapid belief restructuring to establish new neural pathways, producing profound, rapid, gentle and lasting change – full resolution. PICT is like travelling by car instead of horse and buggy.

Participants will first learn what constitutes the ‘inner child’ aspect. Next, the importance of the inner child role in the therapeutic process will be clarified, as well as, the procedures that can be used and the results gained. Participants will have an opportunity to learn and practice a cortical remapping technique.

Although PICT Inner Child therapy was originally developed to address childhood abuse issues, it has been reformulated to be equally effective for trauma and a wide variety of emotional and behavioural problems.

This Masterclass is an introduction to the 18 day PICT Trauma and Abuse Specialist Skills Training course.

You can see when and where the next Masterclass is available and book online here or alternatively if you wish to have your own in house training on this topic please contact us directly to arrange.

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