PICT Trauma and Abuse - Specialist Skills - Practitioner Training

Are you ready for an upswing in …

  • Your ability to help clients change and grow?
  • Your income stream?
  • Your professional skills?
  • Making rapid, lasting and gentle resolution for even the most challenging clients?

If you are:

  • A Counsellor,
  • A Psychotherapist,
  • A Hypnotherapist,
  • An Executive, Health or Life Coach,

you will be aware that the credit crunch has made a big dent. Governments are cutting budgets, companies and individuals are more demanding before they spend money. If you do not have something significantly different to offer them, that will actually get tangible results, your name can easily be shifted to the bottom of the pile or disregarded altogether.

Yes, change is on the way, but with change also comes opportunity, an opportunity  to re-evaluate.

Is now the time to rethink what you do and how you do it? And to make sure you have the right skills and strategies for the new reality?

If so, check out PICT Trauma & Abuse Specialist Skills Training - where you can gain a leading edge avant-garde therapeutic framework [i.e., a structured, systematic approach encompassing imagery rescripting, cortical re-mapping and rapid belief restructuring to establish new neural pathways, gently producing profound, rapid, and lasting change - full resolution].

With the expansive list of conditions you will be able to successfully treat [eating disorders; drug or alcohol issues; self-harm; OCD; DID; Ritual Abuse; depression; anxiety; PTSD; trauma work and many other emotional problems] you will have something significantly different to offer your private clients.

But it doesn't stop there! You also gain information and proficiency to conduct several sought after clinics:

  • phobia elimination clinics
  • allergy termination clinics
  • successful closure for any form of bereavement or loss (clinics or privately)
  • achieve mastery in Critical Incident Debriefing (witnessing or experiencing highly traumatic events) enabling you to offer your services during national or local emergencies (bombings, plane or train crashes, major shipping incidents, traffic accidents, fires, etc) through the following agencies:
  • police services
  • fire and rescue services
  • health bodies
  • HM Coroner
  • local authorities
  • government agencies and other non-departmental public bodies (NDPBs)
  • the Armed Forces
  • the private sector
  • the voluntary sector
  • the community

Of course, the above agencies also need assistance from properly qualified practitioners to reduce the stress related problems of their own workforces that develop when they are dealing with critical incidents.

We're not done yet! You can take your extensive knowledge into the presenting arena! Many clubs, groups, businesses and associations are eager for speakers who have uncommon and practical knowledge. What better way to get your name known and be the first person your audience think of when they or a friend have a problem you can help solve.

If you are ready to increase your income stream and your professional skills, peruse the PICT training syllabus here

Then contact the PICT Trainer of your choice for training dates or contact Penny Parks Training Ltd.

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