Release Coaching

Release Coaching

Release Coaching is presented in half or full day formats. Organisations or businesses can ‘mix and match’ these coaching events according to their staff’s needs to assist employees to easily, quickly and painlessly be ‘released’ from anger, phobias, allergies or the effects of witnessing or experiencing a traumatising event (Critical Incident).

Group: Anger Management Manoeuvres is a group coaching event. Group coaching delegate numbers can range from 3 to 12.
One-to-one: Allergy, Phobia and Critical Incident Debriefing are one-to-one coaching experiences. For one-to-one coaching a facilitator can usually work with up to 6 individuals in a half day and 12 in a six hour full day.

Anger Management Manoeuvres
This group coaching event can make the difference between a smooth running, stress free working environment and one in which employees loose their efficiency, creativity and motivational edge. The straightforward anger strategies taught are designed to release any personal anger backlog and to enable people to deal with current and future anger challenges.

Phobia Coaching
Phobias can create limits, delays and cut into a worker’s efficiency. The fear of flying is a common phobia that restricts employees when an upcoming flight is playing on their mind. Phobias of any nature can be an overall energy drain (even when the phobic source is not in the work place) and therefore affect a worker’s efficiency and creativity. This rapid (10/15 minute) visualisation technique comfortably disconnects, or drastically reduces, phobic responses – without using any exposure to the phobic source.

Allergy Coaching
Valuable time is lost when workers take sick leave because of allergies, or when allergies affect their efficiency and energy levels while at work. This rapid (10/15 minute) visualisation technique disconnects, or drastically reduces, allergic responses. [Note: not used with allergies that cause anaphylactic shock]

Critical Incident Coaching
The ongoing effects of witnessing or experiencing a critical incident (bombing, car/train/airplane accident, fire, rape, mugging/physical attack, etc) can interfere with an employee’s ability to carry out even ordinary tasks and often results in time off from work. This rapid visualisation technique gently and comfortably disconnects the disabling impact of the event, freeing the person to function normally.

Release Coaching is booked as an in-house event only. Groups or organisations provide coaching clientele, work room, break refreshments, trainer accommodation and travel expenses. Please contact us directly to arrange your group session.

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