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My heart has been warmed by the many comments from readers of my books, both on the website and in the many letters & emails I receive, saying how much help and support they have found through my books.

After having resolved my own abusive childhood through the methods I’ve developed, I felt a duty to share that information with others; so my Parks Inner Child Therapy (PICT) and my self-help book "Rescuing the Inner Child" were created.

As time goes on the PICT model of therapy continues to evolve and is taught to counsellors and therapists who can use the much quicker visualisation techniques to assist their clients to quickly, thoroughly and compassionately resolve their childhood issues. The most remarkable feature being that clients do not even have to talk about the details of their traumatic experiences in detail in order to resolve them.

We, here at The Penny Parks Foundation, find it very rewarding to be in a position where we can continue to help both therapists working in the field of abuse and those who are making the journey to recovery.

Rescuing the 'Inner Child' (1990, Souvenir Press)

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The Counsellor's Guide To Parks Inner Child Therapy (1994, Souvenir Press).

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Reader's Comments

October 9, 1999 Reviewer: pam from hampshire england
brillaint scarey mind blowing life saving, as a former victim of incest i read this book with real fear that rapidly turned to hope and joy. penny parks gave me back my hope, my capicity for joy, my life. read this book, take the first step to being whole.

February 14, 2000 Reviewer: from England
A must for those in need to find their inner chidren, I have been in pain for years trying to work out why I did things to harm myself.I suffered years of knowing that something was different about me.It felt like I was never alone and it scared me to death at times.I would suffer panic attacks, weird memories and never know why.I started hypnotherapy and suddenly found 3 inner children.I scoured libaries for books to help me understand but they did'nt give much information and I felt very alone. I then went to our book shop in town and found this wonderful book dedicated to giving me the answers I was craving.Suddenly everything I have done good and bad in my life seemed to make sense for the first time in my whole life. I have since managed to have quite alot of feedback from my inner children and have gained knowledge of ten years of my life that I had no recollection of.I am most days still taking it step by step.I truly believe this book has saved my life.Suicide seemed the only answer at times and resulted in me taking an overdose last year.I now feel I can look to my future with hope and a better understanding.Please read this life-saving book and learn who you are and how to live with yourselves. You deserve happiness after the trauma these people have put us through. Last but not least I want to thank Penny Parks from the bottom of my heart for giving the will to survive and for giving me a special family inside of me.Good luck for the future Penny.We all who read this book owe you so much.

Booklet - Create Lasting Change from the Power of the Inner Child

Create Lasting Change Using the Power of the Inner Child: Take your clients to full resolution.
By Penny Parks

This booklet explains the basic design of Parks Inner Child Th erapy (PICT) – a structured, systematic approach encompassing imagery rescripting, cortical re-mapping and rapid belief restructuring to establish new neural pathways, gently producing profound, rapid and lasting change – full resolution.

Learn what constitutes the ‘inner child’ aspect and the importance of the inner child role in the therapeutic process, as well as, the procedures that can be used and the results that can be gained.

Although PICT was originally developed to address childhood abuse issues, it is equally eff ective for a wide variety of emotional problems. PICT is compatible with most popular therapeutic models: CBT, Brief Solution Focused Th erapy, EMDR, Lifespan Integration, EFT, etc.

Audio CD - Create Lasting Change from the Power of the Inner Child
Create Lasting Change: By Utilising the Power of the Inner Child Psychotherapists and counsellors - How would using Parks Inner Child Therapy (PICT) enrich your therapeutic practice? It creates lasting change rapidly and gently. It’s like travelling by car instead of horse and buggy. This Audio CD looks at the cornerstone of PICT – the Inner Child. What is the Inner Child? How and why is the Inner Child helpful to the therapeutic process? What is the process to utilise the power of the Inner Child? Learn the answers to these questions and more from the creator of the first Inner Child resolution therapy model.

Booklet - I Know I Shouldn't... But I Still Do

“I know I shouldn’t…but I still do!’ How to disconnect unwanted behaviours, thoughts or feelings.
By Penny Parks

This simple and unique approach to bringing an end to underlying limiting beliefs that diminish our quality of life is a breath of fresh air for anyone who wants to create change.

Written in an easy, uncomplicated style makes this book an accessible and comfortable read and ensures that everyone can benefit from the step-by-step instructions, helpful tips and exercises.

Learn why you’ve felt stuck with thoughts, behaviours and feelings that made you feel bad and how to start taking back the control of your life. It’s easy to move forward when you can recognise and remove the barriers.

Booklet - Understanding the Complexities of Sexual Abuse

Understanding the Complexities of Sexual Abuse
By Penny Parks

Most counsellors and psychotherapists have experienced perplexing times with clients who have an abuse background and have often wished they had expert knowledge at their fingertips. This booklet provides an extensive overview of the dynamics of sexual abuse, emotional and physical abuse – answering many common Why? Who? What? and How? questions.

Written in Mrs Parks highly rated easy, uncomplicated style, makes this book an accessible and comfortable read – ensuring that everyone can benefi t from the step-by-step guidance, helpful tips and insights. Learn some of the essentials needed to facilitate recovery, as well as, rapidly move through common challenging issues such as: Scapegoating, Fear, Abandonment, Safety Illusions, Apologies, Authority Figure ‘Triggers’, Leaving Dysfunctional Families and Moving from ‘Survivor’ to ‘Thriver’.

Increase your knowledge about sexual dysfunction; sexual abusers that continue into their child’s adult life; paedophiles, family and female abusers; repercussions of abuse by same sex abusers; varied symptoms of abuse and the eff ect of using Parks Inner Child Th erapy (PICT) methods.

Audio CD - Visualisation Meditation - Series 1
  1. Transformational Meditation (23.17 minutes)
  2. Performance Mastery (29.41 minutes)
  3. Release and Revitalise (23.27 minutes)

Audio CD - Visualisation Meditation - Series 2

Healing Meditation
Expand your proficiency to heal, through body/mind communication. When we receive a serious or life threatening diagnosis, it is easy to let fear and anxiety take hold and to see ourselves as powerless and trapped. However, the more serious the condition the better position we are in to embrace full health. Why do I say that? Because when we are feeling desperate we give our full attention to anything offering help or relief – be it pills, ointments, surgery or uncomfortable treatments. We may for the first time embrace the news that we create our own health, or lack thereof, by what we focus our thoughts on.

Grief Calming
The anguish of mourning devastates our emotions and consequently our bodies and minds are affected. The agony of being without the loved one overwhelms our thoughts, and even when we are able to find a distraction; it usually inevitably holds a reminder of our loved one and can plunge us back into an agonised state. Over time we begin to function better, but can still be caught out with something unexpected bringing a flood of tears. We never stop missing our loved one, but we can get back to a stable emotional level and find joy in our life again.

Embracing Natural Rest
This meditation is used for stress and tension relief - aimed at using the unconscious mind to begin to reconnect us with our natural ability to find a place of relaxation when surrounded by life stresses. It is easy to be pulled into the fast moving river of stress and tension and to view relaxation as something we can only do ‘later’. Unfortunately, ‘later’ may not materialise and we go to bed still feeling stressed, tense and agitated – not very conducive to a good night’s sleep. We then start to see ourselves as powerless and de-skilled – trapped on a speeding treadmill.

  1. Healing Meditation Intro (7:50)
  2. Healing Meditation (21:46)
  3. Grief Calming Intro (6:46)
  4. Grief Calming (17:47)
  5. Embracing Natural Rest Intro (7:12)
  6. Embracing Natural Rest (17:37)

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