Communication Insight

Communication Insight - The Secret of Thriving Alliances

Are workmates irritating - partners exasperating - family members maddening? Do clients despair about their family and/or work relationships? All of us have gritted our teeth, pulled out our hair, quietly grew an ulcer or loudly vented our spleen when communication lines seem derailed - sometimes we’re even convinced others are purposely being awkward and stubborn.

This one day Masterclass is an introduction to the 4 day training course. During the day delegates will learn two of six pivotal communication patterns - why people are saying what they’re saying; how to choose responses that create successful outcomes; and how to assist business and/or personal relationships to develop smoother communication lines. Acquaint yourself with these exceptional communication patterns (that are not ‘blame’ based and are fun to learn) the use of which helps businesses steer clear of dips in productivity, deteriorating relationships, stress related problems or loosing desired outcomes. Therapists are enabled to facilitate clients to make notable headway when communicating with family, friends and work colleagues.

You can see when and where the next Masterclass is available and book online here or alternatively if you wish to have your own in house training on this topic please contact us directly to arrange.

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