Laughter Masterclasses

Laugher: The Easy Route to Stress Relief, Health, Youthfulness and Longevity (+Fun!)

How could you say 'no' to those prospects? Laughter is free and has so many positive advantages, so don't miss out on getting the most out of your life through laughter. Master the simple, fun strategies to quickly and easily utilise laughter (especially when things aren't funny) for professional and personal benefits. Laughter is catching, so you can infect your clients, colleagues, friends and family! This Masterclass is often booked by individuals who need a break from the irritants of life; want to inject laughter (not medication or botox) into their life. It is booked as well by companies or groups to sidestep job related stress leave; ease disruption and tension caused by negative 'office politics'; or booked at Christmas as a reward for employee achievement. Enjoy the opportunity to de-stress and gain all the aforementioned benefits in a fun atmosphere.

Laughter Masterclass Comments from Delegates

If you’ve wanted to help your clients (and yourself!) lighten up towards life’s challenges, then this Laughter Masterclass will fill the bill. Lots to make you think and laugh.
L. K. D., Psychotherapist

The Laughter strategies are easy to use and there is one for most of the situations that you need them for. Great training day – wish there were more like this!
S. D., Psychotherapist

I wasn’t sure about this Laughter Masterclass, but my boss insisted I attend - I am very glad that I did! Not only was it a fun day with lots of laughter, but I learned so much! I had not really thought about how negativity was affecting me (and those around me) health wise, but I now have a way to pull the plug on negativity.
E. S., Legal Secretary

My colleague and I came to the Laughter Masterclass for a laugh, but weren’t expecting so much useful information and practical strategies. We got our laugh and a lot, lot more!
P. Y., Bookkeeper

I heard Penny Parks talking about the Laughter Masterclass on the radio and decided to book my team and myself on the day. What a lovely experience for us all AND what an enlightening and advantageous learning experience. We all agree that we came away with some life changing strategies for both work and home. Penny is an extremely good presenter with excellent use of humour.
J. H., Head of Account Management

Penny has an excellent delivery style making everything interesting with humour and energy. Good value for money!
E. W., Customer Services

To say this training day was profound and life changing both personally and professionally sounds a bit OTT for a Laughter Masterclass – but it’s true!
B. G., Human Resources Officer

Easy to use, yet powerful Laughter strategies, presented in a warm way that gives me confidence to apply them.
I. S., Telesales

I really had no idea that laughter affects so much of my life. I’m totally inspired to spend the rest of my life frequently using the magic of laughter. I feel like I’ve been unknowingly sitting on a gold mine!
L. M., Auditor

I have found that since using the strategies acquired from the Laughter Masterclass my work has become far more effective. I find myself continually refreshed and renewed using my new laughter skills, whereas before, working with people could be highly stressful to myself.
H. C., Customer Services

You can see when and where the next Masterclass is available and book online here or alternatively if you wish to have your own in house training on this topic please contact us directly to arrange.

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